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Video Review:




In the above video, we have reviewed the Cyanide 4.0.


A Brief History


If you had kept an eye out on XDA for the Lollipop builds of ROMs, you must have noticed CyanideL. It was quite popular in the Lollipop days. Come Marshmallow, we were expecting CyanideM, but we did not get any Cyanide build of Marshmallow, up until the first day of May, when Cyanide was made open source.

There weren't meant to be any builds of Cyanide for Marshmallow, but because of some internal disputes within the VRToxin community, which could not be sorted out, VRToxin had to be dissolved. For those of you who don't knwo, VRToxin was another great ROM for Marshmallow. You can head over to the VRToxin Google Plus community by clicking here to find out more info on what actually happened and how it led to the unfolding of Cyanide.


The Making of a Great ROM


So, after VRToxin was dissolved, Brett Rogers, who initially developed Cyanide and who was a part of the VRToxin development team, started working on Cyanide. He made it such a great ROM that today it is the most feature rich ROM out there. Not just that, along with features comes stability. And to assure you, I did not notice any lags in the ROM or any random reboots, SystemUI restarts or any force closes. This is what the Cyanide developers like to call, "Android, you have been poisoned". Actually, you will notice the same text when you are flashing the ROM in the recovery.


The Features


For the features you actually need to watch the video. I know that it is a long video, but the ROM is full of so many customizations that it took more time than I had anticipated to cover up all of them. As I have even stated in the video description, you need to give yourself at least 2 hours just to setup the ROM. In my case, it took me 3 hours. But, just to give you a rough idea what this ROM comes in with, you can color almost everything. We start with the power menu. Just like other ROMs you get the basic stuff, power off, reboot, restart SystemUI, On The Go Mode & the sound panel. Now, you can customize the order of these options using a simple drag and drop feature. Add on to that, you can color each and every aspect of it, be it the background color, text color, unselected icons color, selected icons color and the ripple color too. It does not end here. When you click on the power off or the reboot option, you get a boot dialog, you can even customize it, it's background, text and the circle color. This was just one thing. Next up, you can do the same coloring with the volume dialog too.


In the battery customizations, if you want a dotted circle battery icon, then you can select at what fraction of the circumference of the battery circle should the dots be placed. Man, seriously? I can't even think of that feature.


I am just trying to give you an idea of what this ROM actually has. And to check all that you need to watch the video above.


This ROM is based on AOSP. We do not have the theme engine. So, it comes in with Layers. You will have to download the Layers Manager from the Play Store. It is not baked into the ROM. But, I don't think you would even need it. This ROM has so many customizations that you can actually create your own theme. I literally mean that. This ROM actually tells you the extent you which Android can be customized. Eventually, after using this ROM, you are bound to fall in love with Android. This ROM is so freaking cool.


Where Can I Find It?


Google Plus. Without wasting any time, head over to the Cyanide Google Plus community by clicking here. This is the place where you can find both the test builds as well as the stable builds. The stable builds will make their way to XDA. So, do check XDA too. Try out the test builds only if you are an adventurous person and like to play around with things.


The Bugs


We come to the last part. As I am using an Android One device, these bugs are specific to my device only. The only thing I noticed was that the background colors of the Quick Settings panel, the power off menu, the boot dialog and the  notifications used to change back to black by default after a reboot. Last thing, the navigation bar used to disappear randomly while I was using the phone. But, this was the first build for my device and these errors would definitely be solved in the coming builds.





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[UPDATED] Cyanide 4.0 Detoxified ROM Review [UPDATED] Cyanide 4.0 Detoxified ROM Review Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 6/01/2016 02:24:00 AM
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