Amazon plans to launch new music streaming service

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch its own standalone music streaming subscription service to take on Apple Music, Spotify and other popular music streaming service. The report was published by Reuters citing "people with knowledge of the matter".

As per the report, Amazon's music service subscription is expeceted to cost $9.99 per month almost similar to Apple Music, Spotify, and will have complete catalog of songs. Amazon is finalizing licenses with music labels for the streaming service. It is expected to launch in late summer or early fall. The also report mentions that Amazon's music service is intended to increase the appeal of Echo, and will be tightly integrated with it.

Amazon already offers free music service with limited catalog to Prime subscriber, but it has just 1 million songs, which is less compared to what Apple Music and Spotify which boast more than 30 million songs.

Apple Music launched last year in over 100 countries worldwide including India, while Spotify is the most popular in this segment and is expected to launch it services in India soon. Although Amazon will be a late entrant to the music streaming space, it will have a slight advantage, since it has a huge customer base.


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Amazon plans to launch new music streaming service Amazon plans to launch new music streaming service Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/11/2016 02:30:00 PM
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