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About The ROM: Quote from Google+ community of AOSiP


AOSiP stands for Android Open Source illusion Project. We are an AOSP based custom ROM, twisted with the latest features from all over the Android development community. Quality and stability is our first priority as we are dedicated to bringing you the best Android has to offer.

Android Version: 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Base: AOSP

Build Number: 4.4

Theming: CM Theme Engine (CMTE)

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AOSiP Website:

AOSiP Google+ Community:


Official Downloads:

If you are looking for the unofficial builds, you can find most of them in the G+ community. Else, do a search on Android File Host (AFH) and have a look at the XDA forums for your device.


Video Review

This video review is thanks to our very own David Hayes. Thanks to the fact that he goes into each and every corner of the ROM review he does, you can get to know everything about the ROM. Moreover, Mr. Hayes is on vacation at the moment and he took the pain to get this video out despite that. Kudos to him! I think the least we can do for him is to give this video a thumbs up. So, guys, please ensure that you do that.


What's so special about this ROM?


What should I say? This ROM is AOSiP. That's what is special about it.If you love a ROM which is full of features, then AOSiP is going to top that list. There are so many features in this ROM that you need to give yourself at least an hour to go through all of them and configure them to your liking. I have tested out each build of AOSiP since the 4.1 build and since then the ROM has grown not just in terms of features but stability as well. Another thing which I really like about AOSiP is the swipe gestures which we have in the settings menu. Have a look at the screenshot I took from David Hayes' video:


As you can see, all the settings have been classified under different headers and you can traverse through them just by a flick of your finger. That gives a very neat look to the ROM. This also points out on how well the developers of the ROM have thought about the smallest element of categorisation.

AOSiP also comes in with the CM Theme Engine. This makes customising the different looks of the ROM a piece of cake. Add on to that you have the CMTE headers pack too. I have covered about that later.

I have covered most of the features below and Mr. Hayes has also shown them above in his great review of the ROM.


For those of you who are new to the ROM, OwlsNest is the place where most of the customizations of the ROM can be found.

Status Bar Customisations

To begin with the status bar options, you can show both the AOSiP logo and a custom logo in the status bar, adjust it's position and the color too. Wondering what's inside the custom logos option, well, you have logos such as that of a Pokeball, Google, Windows, Xbox. There are many more to choose from. You can also change the battery icon in the status bar and complement it with the battery bar. We also get the option of changing the carrier label to a custom one and color it too.

Under the clock and date personalisations, you can configure the color, position, font style and font size of the date and time. Moreover, you can show or hide various status bar icons and color each aspect of them too. In the end of the status bar settings, we have the network traffic settings. And, of course, you can color this too. AOSiP gives you an extra feature here which very few ROMs have to offer, you can have different color of the network traffic icon and the text that is shown along with it. This might seem like a very small feature, but for me, Android is all about customizations. This feature just gives me an option to control another aspect of Android as per my taste, and I love that!


Quick Settings Customisations


Moving on to the quick settings now, we have more than enough quick setting toggles to choose from. You can also adjust the transparency of the AOSP based quick settings panel. Next up, you can show the weather in the extended notification header area. AOSiP also brings you the option to choose from different CM Theme Engine header image packs which are available on the Play Store. Some of them are paid but most of the header packs are free. You can also adjust the transparency of both the quick settings header & the quick settings shade region.


DUI Package: Fling, Smart Bar, Pulse


One of the major updates that AOSiP incorporates from the 4.3 build to the 4.4 build is that the DUI package has been included in the ROM now. So, if you like either of Dirty Unicorns' Fling, Smart Bar or Pulse, then you have another reason to rejoice and use this ROM. The power menu also has lots of options to choose from. You can enable the screenshot, voice search, search and the sound panel in the power menu dialog box to quickly access these options from the power menu itself. You can adjust the transparency of both the volume dialog box and the power menu. You also have the option of long pressing the power key to quickly toggle on the torch when your phone's screen is turned off.

Recents Screen


For the recents screen, you can choose from both the OmniSwitch and Slim Recents. If you don't like any of these, then don't worry, you can customise the stock recents too. We also have the immersive recents which allows you to view your recent apps in full screen mode.

The clear all button is present too. You can choose the location of the clear all button from 6 different locations as shown below.

Lock Screen


Lock screen colors are present there too. So, you can color each aspect of your lock screen with the help of this feature and you can also change the lock screen wallpaper. In addition to that, you can also show the charging current, music visualisers and weather on the lock screen. You can tweak both the middle screen shortcuts and the bottom screen shortcuts too. Lockscreen blur is present there too.



As far as the gestures are concerned, we get gesture anywhere, app circle bar, pie controls and the three finger gesture. Note here that the three finger gesture is not just limited to taking a screenshot, you can customise the swipe action as per your liking.


App Ops


To control the various permissions, we get the App ops under the Miscellaneous menu of the Advanced Options which is similar to Privacy Guard. I will quote what I wrote about Privacy Guard in the Slim6 review

Privacy Guard allows you to disable the apps from accessing the private data on your phone such as call logs, contacts and messages. It also allows you to choose whether the app should keep your phone awake or not. If an app has many wakelocks, then it may keep your device awake. The wakelocks keeping your device awake won’t let it go into the deep sleep mode. This might end up draining your battery.

Additionally, Privacy Guard allows you to choose which apps should start up on boot. Disable those apps which you think are not required to run when your phone boots up. But, you need to play around this setting carefully. Disabling core apps from starting when your device powers on might result in bootloops. You can disable apps such as web browsers, games etc from starting on boot. You might end up noticing a considerable difference in the bootup time and performance.




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AOSiP ROM Review AOSiP ROM Review Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 6/30/2016 08:10:00 AM
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