Facebook adds SMS to Messenger for Android

Facebook has once again added support for SMS inside messenger for Android. The company was testing the feature with few Android users since February this year, and has now introduced the feature in the updated Messenger app.

With SMS integration into Messenger, you can now send and receive SMS messages directly from the Messenger app on your Android devices. To enable the feature, you have to open Facebook's Messenger app for Android on your device, go to settings, select 'SMS' and turn on 'Default SMS App' to send and receive messages within the app.

All the SMS conversations will be shown in purple while the Messenger conversations will be blue. In addition to text and images, SMS in Messenger also supports stickers, GIFs, emojis, voice clips and location sharing.

To recall, Facebook first introduced SMS for Messenger on Android in 2012, but removed it later (2013) as it failed to take off. The SMS support for Facebook Messenger is currently rolling out to 'most countries' but only on Android. The feature is not supported on iOS, since the OS doesn't let you change SMS client.

Kaiser Bey
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Facebook adds SMS to Messenger for Android Facebook adds SMS to Messenger for Android Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/15/2016 01:28:00 PM
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