Google adds ‘Prompt’ for simpler two-step verification sign-ins

Google has made the two-step verification of Google sign-in process more easier for Android and iOS users. Earlier the second step of the security feature required you to tap a security key or enter verification code that was sent to your device. Now there's a third was to verify the second step using 'Prompt'.

Prompt shows a message asking if you're trying to sign into Google from the place you're attempting to sign in from, and also mentions the name of the device, for which the sign-in attempt is being made. Below the information, there are two prompts, one that denies the sign-in attempt, while the other allows for the sign-in.

The Prompt feature can be enabled by going to My Account > Sign-in & Security > Signing in to Google > 2-Step Verification and select what option you prefer for the second step of verification process. Google in a blog post mentioned that users cannot have Security Keys and Google Prompt enabled at the same time. The Prompt feature also requires an active data connection.

The update will be available for all Android users through Google Play Services update, and iOS users will need to have Google Search app installed on the iOS devices. 


Kaiser Bey
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Google adds ‘Prompt’ for simpler two-step verification sign-ins Google adds ‘Prompt’ for simpler two-step verification sign-ins Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/21/2016 01:43:00 PM
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