Google is testing internet speed within search results

Ookla's Speedtest has been a popular service for testing network speed for years, offering users details of their ping, download and upload speeds. Recently, content streaming giant Netflix forayed into this space with much simpler option – Now reports claims that Google is also working on an internet speed tool that will be built into the search result.

By typing 'Check Internet speed' in the search box, a widget will appear on the search result that will offer the option to run the speed test and users will be greeted by Google's Measurement labs NDT tool. According to Google's support page, the test takes about 30 seconds to complete and consumes 9.5MB of data in the U.S and 4.4MB if tested elsewhere. Currently there is no word when the feature will be available to the public.

Google isn't the first search engine to offer networking speed, Microsoft owned Bing already has a speed test in search results. While Google is still testing the tool, the move will affect traffic to third party speed testing websites. Recently Google signed a deal with Toronto based LyricFind to show lyrics in search results


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Google is testing internet speed within search results Google is testing internet speed within search results Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/30/2016 04:06:00 PM
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