Google rolls out 'symptom search' feature

Back in April this year, Google introduced health search feature, which provided all the relevant information about a specific disease. Now the search giant has added a new symptom search feature, that lets you easily navigate and explore health conditions that could be causing your symptoms.

Google in a blog post said that around one percent of all Internet searches are 'symptom-related' but the health content online "can be difficult to navigate, and tends to lead people from mild symptoms to scary and unlikely conditions, which can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress"

Now, when you search on Google for a symptoms like 'headache on one side', it will provide you a list of related conditions like migraine, tension headache, cluster headache, sinusitis, common cold and more. In case of individual symptoms for example 'headache', the search result will provide you with an overview of the health conditions and information on how to treat the headache and whether you should see a doctor.

Google mentioned that the symptom searches and medical information are "intended for informational purposes only, and you should always consult a doctor for medical advice." 

The new symptoms search will be rolled out to mobile device over the next few days in English, stating with the U.S. Google also stated that it will cover more symptoms and extend the feature to other languages. 

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Google rolls out 'symptom search' feature Google rolls out 'symptom search' feature Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/21/2016 10:53:00 PM
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