Lenovo shows Intel-powered Smart Shoe prototype

Lenovo apart from showing off flexible smartphone and foldable tablet also showcased a prototype of smart shoes. The pair of shoes can be used for more than just jogging, such as tracking steps, navigate and interact with games. Called Yaoat F2, the smart shoes were developed in partnership with Intel.

The smart shoes are based on Intel Curie wearable chip and comes with inbuilt battery and wireless charging. It also includes a customizable3D printed sole and has LED lights at the bottom.

They are capable of tracking daily activities like counting steps taken, movement, and calories burned. This means that when you are exercising or training, the shoes will monitor the amount of calories burned and other fitness related data. The datas collected will be useful to design better training or workout sessions. Wearers can also receive customized news and information based on their activity data when connected to their smartphone.

They can also be used to play motion-controlled games (like Dance Dance Revolution) on you smartphone. You will have to step back and forth and see your movements reflect in the game.

Since, the Smart Shoes are still work-in-progress, don't expect it to hit the store anytime soon.

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Lenovo shows Intel-powered Smart Shoe prototype Lenovo shows Intel-powered Smart Shoe prototype Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/10/2016 08:52:00 PM
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