OnePlus 2 Gets Official CM13 Nightlies!


Nightly builds gave started rolling out for the OnePlus 2.

OnePlus 2 is the latest member from the OnePlus house to get CM13 nightlies. OnePlus One and OnePlus X already have official CM13 nightlies.

XDA senior member Seraph08 has been working on CM13 for OnePlus 2 since January.

Do remember that Nightly builds are known to be experimental and may have some bugs. So, if you are an enthusiastic person who loves to play around with things, then you can go ahead and flash the ROM.

Remember that you should do a clean flash.

To download the latest nightly build, click here.

Snapshot builds will be out once all the bugs have been fixed by the CM developers. You can expect the snapshot builds in a month or two.

The official builds also imply that the Franco kernel would be available for OnePlus 2 soon. Francisco Franco had posted that he will be extending his kernel to the OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 in a Google Plus post here.

Lord Boeffla has already built his kernel for the OnePlus 2 here. But, the kernel at the moment is only known to work with the official OxygenOS and OxygenOS based ROMs. It is not compatible with CM and CM based ROMs.

Like all the OnePlus smartphones, OnePlus 2 has also received great development. Most of the CM based ROMs like RR, AICP have already made their way to the OnePlus 2. Further CM development would make these ROMs more stable.

Here is a YouTube video which will guide you through the installation:

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OnePlus 2 Gets Official CM13 Nightlies! OnePlus 2 Gets Official CM13 Nightlies! Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 6/05/2016 02:56:00 AM
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