Researchers create low-energy, 1000-core processor

Researchers at the University of California have created world's first 1,000-core processor called 'KiloCore'. The processor contains 621 million transistors and can handle 1.78 trillion instructions per second.

Each processor core can handle tasks independently of other cores in the cluster, which cuts down on energy usage, as cores that are not in use are automatically shut off to save energy. The cores are fabricated by IBM using their 32nm CMOS technology, with average maximum clock frequency of 1.78GHz, , and they transfer data directly to each other.

The KiloCore chip executes instructions more than 100 times more efficiently than a modern laptop processor handling 15 billion instructions per second while using only 0.7 Watts, low enough to be powered by a single AA battery.

Applications already developed for the chip include wireless coding/decoding, video processing, encryption, and others involving large amounts of parallel data such as scientific data applications and datacenter record processing.

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Researchers create low-energy, 1000-core processor Researchers create low-energy, 1000-core processor Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/20/2016 05:07:00 PM
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