The first modular smartwatch 'Blocks' is available for preorder

The next big thing in connected tech space is modularity and phones has almost reached this point. Google's Project Ara is one such example where parts can be swapped or replaced. Even LG and Motorola opted for modularity with their latest flagship, the LG G5 and Moto Z. Even though, both don't have a modular design, they offer modular accessories which can be swapped with the device. And if your are wondering when wearables will join the modular space, look no further, the world's first modular smartwatch, the Blocks is here. The modules comes in the form of straps and adds more functionality to the smartwatch.

Blocks modular smartwatch started as a Kickstarter campaign, and after a successful campaign, is now finally available for pre-order on the Blocks website. The smartwatch is priced at $300 (Rs. 22,000) + $11 shipping charges (U.S), $15 (Rest of the world). The estimated shipping date is October 2016.

The company is offering four different modules with the smartwatch, which can be chosen from six different components. Extra modules will cost $35 each. These modules includes a GPS unit, an extra battery (extends battery life by 20 percent), Heart Rate module, Adventure module (humidity/temperature/altitude sensor), a programmable button and a flashlight.

The Blocks smartwatch comes with 1.39-inch 400 x 400 AMOLED round display, Snapdragon 2100 Wear, 512MB RAM, 4GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, 300mAh battery and runs Android Marshmallow. It is splash resistant and has a vibration motor that vibrates when you receive a notification. It also offers fitness tracking capabilities as well. It comes in three different colors, Onyx Black, Sunrise Red and Marble White.

Kaiser Bey
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The first modular smartwatch 'Blocks' is available for preorder The first modular smartwatch 'Blocks' is available for preorder Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/11/2016 04:26:00 PM
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