Cyanogen not pivoting to apps, we are an OS company, says CEO

Last week reports suggested that Cyanogen is cutting its workforce by 20 percent, most of them in the open source ROM development team team, and the company is pivoting to apps. However, Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster has denied and rubbished these reports, and reaffirmed the company's commitment to its OS plans.

McMaster on Twitter tweeted "Cyanogen NOT pivoting to apps. We are an OS company and our mission of creating an OPEN ANDROID stands". He also mentioned that the report claiming Cyaongen's plan of pivoting to apps as "FALSE reporting was outstanding". As for the layoffs McMaster confirmed the news past weekend.

Earlier a report had suggested that Cyanogen under supervision of Lior Tal (former Facebook employee) who joined Cyanogen as COO was working on new strategy, pivoting to apps.

Cyanogen co-founder and CTO, Steve Kondik also had a say in this matter. In a blog post Kondik stated "I wanted to quickly address the circus of misinformation which has sprung up recently, particularly for everyone who uses CM or has been involved with the project. CyanogenMod isn’t going anywhere, nor has Cyanogen Inc. discontinued it’s efforts towards the goal of bringing it to a larger audience..Cyanogen Inc (including myself) will still be sponsoring the project and will continue to have an active role in it’s development. Contrary to popular belief, we are not “pivoting to apps” nor are we shelving CM." 


Kaiser Bey
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Cyanogen not pivoting to apps, we are an OS company, says CEO Cyanogen not pivoting to apps, we are an OS company, says CEO Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/26/2016 03:41:00 PM
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