Nexus Sailfish's Specifications Confirmed

Yesterday, @evleaks asked us what we would do with if we had a Nexus Sailfish ROM dump through the following tweet:

And, of course, this rather got all of us excited. The following day Evan Blass aka @evleaks got back to us with the build.prop file of the HTC S1 or the Nexus Sailfish. Here is the tweet:


What do you mean by a build.prop file?

For those of us who are familiar with the concept of rooting, flashing ROMs and tweaking our devices, we would have definitely have had a peak at the build.prop file of our device at least once. For those of you who are not familiar with the build.prop, the “build.prop” file is a system file which consists of information about build properties and settings. This information also includes the model number of device, manufacturer name, device ID, security patch level, LCD density and all such information.



HTC Sailfish S1 "CONFIRMED" Specifications

We had previously written that the Nexus Sailfish is likely to have the following features:

5″ Full HD Display
2Ghz Quad Core 64-Bit Processor
4GB of RAM
32GB of ROM
2770mAh Battery
12/8Mp of Cameras
Fingerprint Sensor
USB Type-C

Let's see which features of these we got right this time. Do make a note that features such as RAM, battery and camera pixels can't be concluded from the build.prop file.

Nexus Sailfish will house a 5 inch screen with an LCD density of 420 DPI (ro.5F.1cd_density=420), which confirms that it will house a 5 inch 1080p display. The DPI for 5'' screens is usually 480, but a 420 DPI implies that we will be seeing a denser screen on the HTC S1 as compared to the other 5'' devices running Android.

The phone will support biometric security,  which refers to fingerprint scanning technology. The build.prop also mentions ro.board.platform=msm8996, meaning that HTC Sailfish will be running the Snadpragon 820, as we told you previously.

If you want to have a detailed look at the Sailfish build.prop file, then you can head over to this Reddit thread where Mike Tizen has posted a text version of the build.prop file.


Release Date

The build.prop also reads This refers to the August 5, 2016 security patch. Does this hint on an August release? Definitely yes. We had already covered up that the aim of Google for introducing the preview builds a month prior to the Google I/O was to make Android Nougat public by August end.


Some Interesting Stuff




ro.product.manufacturer=google. This means that Google is the product manufacturer. You would guess that's normal for Nexus devices, after all it's Google who is involved with the software side of stuff.

But, if you will have a look at the build.prop file of the Nexus 6, it will say ro.product.manufacturer=Motorola. On the Nexus 6P, it will be ro.product.manufacturer=Huawei. Similarly on the Nexus 5, it can be found to be ro.product.manufacturer=LGE.

So, is it Google or HTC?





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