Snapchat Memories lets users save photo and videos

Snapchat has updated its app with a new feature that will allow users to save and share their photos and videos. The new feature called Memories, is an album within the app, where users can save snaps and video, which they can later upload to their 'Story'.

You can create new Stories from Snaps you've taken a while ago or combine different stories as well. Memories can be accessed by swiping up from the main camera screen. You call also search for snaps in the Memories album, chronologically with keywords like name of a place, food, dog, etc. This is a smart search feature that is able to recognize objects in the photos.

Memories also come with a  password protected section called "My Eyes Only" that lets to save private photos. This feature lets you create new stories from old snaps (contents disappears after 24 hours). The snap will appear with a frame around it to mark that it was taken in the past.

Until now you had to immediately upload photos or videos as they are recorded, and now it can be accessed anytime. With 'Memories', Snapchat is moving further away from its roots as an ephemeral nature to the app.

Memories will be rolling out to Android and iOS users starting next month. Users will receive a message from Snapchat, one the feature is ready for use.

Kaiser Bey
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Snapchat Memories lets users save photo and videos Snapchat Memories lets users save photo and videos Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/08/2016 01:23:00 PM
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