[UPDATE: OTA Rollout Halted] OnePlus 3 Gets Oxygen OS 3.2

Update :  [The OTA rollout has been stopped for now as the officials have received some reports of issues with the update]

OnePlus 3 has been making much headlines and buzz all over the internet not from the release but even earlier. There were some leaks, then renders came up when Evan Blass made them public from the Twitter handle and after that the OnePlus VR Loop that created much excitement as it was one of a kind release of any such device. Not only that, the device has been in news when people found some major problems, that according to company wasn't major ones and existed to manage resources of the phone at a better scale. However, to make the criticism neutral the device is now receiving an update that is going to fix all the problems encountered.


The update is supposed to fix all the glitches that many users have reported or facing currently. This new package carries around 400MB of data that will modify some files and add new modes and files for better performance and stuff. Not to mention this is the same update that was pushed to review units earlier and is now publicly available as an OTA update. Changelog looks like solving all the problems like inaccurate colors and the much popular RAM issue of OnePlus 3, that it doesn't makes the use of 6GB RAM to its full potential.


sRGB mode is there to correct the color inaccuracy and RAM Management would do its thing and now the device might use the full potential of the beast RAM. Some other noticeable stuff in this update goes with GPS that wasn't any issue spotted but however if it does improves the performance then why not? Same brings the better quality of audio playback and some modifications to custom icon packs. Well this is a very quick update and seems to be rolling out to every OnePlus 3 user out there. Everything else to the device is purely good and working fine.


Rajat Kapoor
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[UPDATE: OTA Rollout Halted] OnePlus 3 Gets Oxygen OS 3.2 [UPDATE: OTA Rollout Halted] OnePlus 3 Gets Oxygen OS 3.2 Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 7/06/2016 02:18:00 AM
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