CM13 Snapshot Build ZNH5Y With August Security Patch Rolling Out

Approximately four months since the last snapshot build ZNH0E hit the floors in April,  Cyanogen has announced the release of CyanogenMod 13 Snapshot Build ZNH5Y.

Flashing Instructions

A snapshot build is the most stable CM build you can get. If you are on the ZNH0E snapshot build which was released back in April, you can flash this build on top of it. Here are the steps we recommend you to undertake if you want to move over to Snapshot ZNH5Y from Snapshot ZNH0E:

  1. Download the latest snapshot build from the CM repository.

  2. Boot into recovery.

  3. Take a nandroid backup. It is always a safe bet.

  4. Wipe cache, dalvik cache and system partition. If you are using Xposed, Viper4Android, Dolby Atmos or any custom scripts, then all of them will be wiped when you clear the system partion.

  5. Flash the CM13 Snapshot ZNH5Y you had downloaded in the first step.

  6. Flash Gapps.

  7. This is an optional step. If you were using any scripts, patches, Xposed, Viper4Android or Dolby Atmos, then flash them after flashing the Gapps.

  8. Reboot your device.


This build of CM13 incorporates the August 5 security patch, which is the latest security patch. Additionally, CyanogenMod finally decided to do away with the old fashioned Android app optimisation screen which had a bright white background and a hovering green circle. It looked something like the image below, didn't it?

android app optimisation screen

This snapshot build will now have the brand new Android app optimisation screen, something which is a like a fad in all the Marshmallow based ROMs these days. Courtesy to the Nameless ROM developers who introduced this funky looking screen in Nameless 3.0, we also have this app optimisation screen in Resurrection Remix, AOSiP, Bliss & XOSP. Have a look at it:


Looks cool, doesn't it?

You can have a look at the detailed changelog by heading over to this Pastebin link. The important changes have been summarised below:

  • Wi-Fi Tethering – automatically turn off hotspot after X minutes of inactivity

  • Profiles – add notification light controls

  • Do Not Disturb/Priority Mode – add notification light controls

  • Privacy Guard/App data usage – Restrict apps to Wi-Fi or Cellular data only or block all internet access, per app

  • Bluetooth Devices battery support – For compatible devices, a new battery icon will appear in the status bar to show the paired devices’ battery level

  • Lockscreen Wallpaper picker makes its return

  • Lockscreen Weather and new Weather plug in support – see weather blog post

  • Lockscreen Blur support (on a per device basis) and the ability to disable the effect

  • Live Lockscreen support

  • New LiveDisplay hardware enhancements and API

  • Snap Camera (per device basis)

  • Gello Browser (per device basis)

  • Lots of translations – shout out to the CM translations team on CrowdIn

  • Cyanogen Apps support (see blog post, x86 is not supported yet)

  • Additional CM SDK APIs

  • Security fixes galore

The most note worthy changes from the summarised changelog have to be the automatic turning off of the WiFi hotspot (how many times has it happened that you have left it on for hours at a time without realising it, until you see the battery life!), lockscreen wallpaper picker and lockscreen blur. As we have mentioned many times in our video reviews of custom ROMs too, by using lockscreen blur you would be compromising on some part of the battery life of your device too.


List of devices to get CM13 Snapshot ZNH5Y

The snapshot builds will be available for the following roster of devices:

  • acclaim

  • angler

  • bacon

  • bullhead

  • cancro

  • crackling

  • d800

  • d801

  • d802

  • d803

  • deb

  • falcon

  • flo

  • flounder

  • flounder_lte

  • hammerhead

  • himaul

  • himawl

  • huashan

  • i9300

  • jflteatt

  • jfltespr

  • jfltetmo

  • jfltevzw

  • jfltexx

  • kipper

  • klte

  • kltechn

  • kltechnduo

  • klteduos

  • kltedv

  • kltekdi

  • kltespr

  • klteusc

  • kltevzw

  • lt03lte

  • m8d

  • maguro

  • mako

  • manta

  • maserati

  • mt2

  • otus

  • peregrine

  • serrano3gxx

  • serranoltexx

  • shamu

  • sprout4

  • sprout8

  • spyder

  • targa

  • thea

  • titan

  • toro

  • toroplus

  • umts_spyder

  • xt897

  • Z00L

  • Z00T

For Moto G 2013 (falcon) users, this will be the first CM13 snapshot.

You can expect to get your hands on the snapshot builds either today or within a day or two. Keep a tab on the CM13 snapshot downloads page to get the build as soon as it is released for your device. And, of course, we will be doing a video review of the same too. Stay tuned :)

Source: Cyanogen Blog

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CM13 Snapshot Build ZNH5Y With August Security Patch Rolling Out CM13 Snapshot Build ZNH5Y With August Security Patch Rolling Out Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 8/16/2016 07:31:00 PM
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