Intel shows off wire-free Project Valley VR headset

Intel at its 2106 Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco, showed off its all-in-one virtual reality headset called Project Alloy with RealSense technology.

Unlike Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Project Valley is a wire-free VR headset and works as a standalone device, and does not need to attached to the computer. Instead, it derives its computing power from a Head-Mounted Device, allowing the user free range of motion. 

It uses Intel's RealSense camera technology to merges realities, which allows users to see and interact with the objects present in real world in virtual realitry. The cameras and sensors required to merge the two realities are embedded in the headset. Users can freely interact in VR without having to worry about obstacles in front of them, as the VR headset has sensors for detecting collision and bumps.

Intel is also teaming up with Microsoft to optimize Windows-based content and experiences on Intel-based VR devices such as Alloy. Intel will make the Alloy ecosystem and APIs available for developers and partner in 2017, allowing them to create their own branded products from Alloy design.

Kaiser Bey
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Intel shows off wire-free Project Valley VR headset Intel shows off wire-free Project Valley VR headset Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/18/2016 10:06:00 PM
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