LG unveils new Bluetooth speakers for outdoor and indoor use

LG has announced a new range of Bluetooth speakers called PH1, PH2, PH3 and PH4, that will be showcased at IFA 2016 next month. The new wireless speakers boasts 360-degree sound, Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5mm auxiliary jack to let you connect other devices without Bluetooth capability such as older MP3 and CD players.

The new PH series speakers comes in different shapes and are splash proof. They also offer advanced multi-point connectivity, which allows users to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The LG PH1 has a built-in mood lighting, and can be used as a lamp as well. It comes with hands-free speaker phone capabilities and offers up to five hours of battery life.

The PH2 has a shape of a hockey puck, weighing in at 167g, which makes it easy to carry around while cycling or hiking. The speaker features 2.5 watt amplifier and delivers up to six hours of battery life.

The PH3 looks like a candle and will come in three colors. It features 3-watt amplifier, five different multi-colored lightning mood and a passive radiator. It claims to deliver up to 10 hours of audio playback.

Lastly, the PH4 has a tiny bottle shape and is the most loudest of the lot with 16-watt amplifier. It offers 10 hours of usage and gets dual passive radiator.

LG's new PH series speaker will be available in the U.S this fall. Currently there's no word on pricing.

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LG unveils new Bluetooth speakers for outdoor and indoor use LG unveils new Bluetooth speakers for outdoor and indoor use Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/23/2016 08:22:00 PM
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