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Throughout the course of it's existence in Marshmallow, Mokee has been a really very underestimated ROM. But, truly, this ROM will steal your heart away, as it did mine. The video duration says it all, Mokee definitely has something special, to know about it, watch it. This ROM boasts of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow along with the July security patch. Based on CM, this ROM is one of the well renowned community projects ever undertaken.

Video Review

Everything which is mentioned in this post has been covered up in the video review in greater depth and detail.


Started by a group of Chinese developers during the Jellybean days, Mokee ROM was China's first steps into the open source world of Android.

Believed to be less in terms of features and customisations by many Android users, the Mokee Open Source developers have worked off their ass in getting to you some cool kickass features, most of which are exclusive to Mokee only.

Aegis - The Power Saving Tool


Aegis, a Mokee ROM exclusive, gives you the option to control autorun and wakelocks of the apps you have. Using Warden, you can prevent the apps which you are not using at the moment from running their services in the background. These services may include syncing or checking for push notifications every now and then. From the advanced settings, you can also enable the option to "force stop" the applications you have "wardened" automatically. The "Hibernate" option is similar to Greenify's hibernation, which especially prevents apps from waking up the device when it is in the deep sleep mode. By disabling the autorun permission and wakelocks of certain apps, you can save up your device's battery juice by increasing the time your device spends dozing when it's idle and at the same time you can increase the performance of your device too as these apps won't be consuming the system resources as they have been disabled by Aegis. So, Aegis is not just a battery saver, but a performance enhancer tool at the same time by giving you more memory (RAM) to run your favorite applications without any lag.


Based on Chromium, YuBrowser is another Mokee ROM exclusive. YuBrowser gives you the option to save pages for offline reading, night mode for browsing the web in less light, power saving mode to save the battery juice while browsing the internet. Text scaling allows you to adjust the text size of the web page.

Using the "Force Enable Zoom" feature, you can zoom in and out on any webpage, even if the webpage's code does not allow you to use the zoom feature. This comes in handy on sites such as Facebook, which do not allow you to zoom into the webpage by default. You can also configure the privacy settings of the browser which also includes a "Do Not Track" option.
YuBrowser Video Player: If you are watching a YouTube video on the YuBrowser, then you will get the same experience as you get on the YouTube app.

With options to enable or disable captions and to configure the video layout, you are definitely going to have a great time watching the videos too.

The place where YuBrowser edges over the YouTube application is when it gives you a slide in notification in the notification panel through which you can quickly fast forward 30 seconds or rewind by 10 seconds. In the end, we also have the "lock" feature, using which you can prevent any accidental touches on the screen when you are watching any video.
Lock It Into The Memory

The "Lock Into The Memory" feature locks an app into the RAM. The locked app can then not be cleared away until the unlock icon is tapped upon. If you have ever experienced issues where in apps were vented out of the memory automatically by Android's memory manager, but you wanted that app to stay in the memory, then this feature will definitely help you out. Even pressing the clear all icon won't wipe out the app from the memory.

Navigation & Statusbar Tint

Having a  tinted status bar and navigation bar only enriches your experience of using Mokee. It looks nice to the eyes too. Now, how will you feel when you can get the same feature in the YuBrowser too? Have a look:

Package Installer

Another feature which is present only in the Mokee ROM. The Package Installer in Mokee allows you to choose the memory location where the app should be installed. Now that's one heck of a feature to have.

Miscellaneous Features

This ROM is based on CM13, so I will only be mentioning all those features which have not been covered up above and are not present in CM13. You can show the weather on the lock screen. You can also configure short press, long press and double tap actions of various hardware keys. We also get in the volume key settings and options to configure the power menu & navigation bar as per our desire.

Delta Updates

You can download incremental updates right through the OTA updater (requires a donation of 30 CNY or $4.51) or through the Mokee ROM website (free). I have covered up on how you can download these updates in the video review too. These delta updates usually weigh around 10MB and can be dirty flashed over the existing build. After dirty flashing, you even retain Xposed and Gapps. Have you seen that in any other ROM? This is another Mokee EXCLUSIVE!
If your device is officially supported, Mokee ROM also gives you frequent, mostly monthly, RELEASEs. A "Release" is that update in which the ROM has undergone an appreciable number of changes. In short, “Release” is a bigger update than the “Nightly” build. That means with each new “Release” you can expect new features and bug fixes. If you are familiar with CyanogenMod then you can compare the concept of Nightlies and Releases to that of a CM Nightly and Snapshot respectively. The time difference between two consecutive Releases is smaller than the difference between two consecutive Snapshot builds.

Zeus Clock Widget

Mokee ROM has it's own weather service built inside the ROM. You can check that out from the weather services option in Settings. Now, when Mokee is using it's own weather provider service, it wouldn't be fair if we didn't get a special widget for the same. Mokee ensured this  wouldn't be the case and came up with a beautiful clock widget, which they call as Zeus. As compared to the CyanogenMod clock widget, it is better aligned and even occupies lesser space. We just loved this widget.

Quick Links

Changelog for this build can be found at:

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Mokee ROM Website:

Mokee Open Source G+ Community:

The download links for the ROM can also be found on BasketBuild, XDA or at Android File Host

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Mokee ROM Review Mokee ROM Review Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 8/06/2016 07:04:00 AM
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