Moto Z's Hasselblad camera Mod leaked

Motorola's Moto Z and Moto Z Force comes with modular add-on accessories called Moto Mods that adds extra functionality to the phones. These include Insta-share projector mod, Style Shell mod, JBL SoundBoost mod and Power Pack mod and snap to the back of the Moto Z via high power magnets.

The company promised to unveil more Moto Mods for Moto Z/ Z Force in the near future, and keeping its promise the company is likely to announce new Moto Mods at Lenovo's August 31 IFA event.

According to reports Lenovo Moto will be introducing new camera-centric Hasselblad-branded Moto Mod accessory. The camera add-on Mod will feature 10x zoom lens, Xenon flash, physical buttons for zoom and shutter release, support for raw images, automatic photos back up and sharing functionality via the smartphone.

There is no information regarding the sensor on the camera mod,  but the report mentions it will be a premium add-on accessory. 


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Moto Z's Hasselblad camera Mod leaked Moto Z's Hasselblad camera Mod leaked Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/26/2016 06:36:00 PM
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