No New NavBars and Google Assistant 'Mentioned' For Final Nougat

Yes, all we waited this whole 5 months for Android Nougat 7.0 that has took the internet by storm but almost everything was a leak and now when the website live for Nougat, here at Androguider we are always speculating things and what did striked us is that there was supposed to be new Navbar Buttons right? For the reminder here's the image.

No wonder these new buttons can be in the factory image for Nexus but what we are trying to day here is that at every official post from Google for Nougat today (being it the website or blog), there are all the old buttons in every image or gif that has been posted to introduce us with the new iteration. 

No New Navbar Buttons
This is rather odd and the navbar thing was a hot topic on the Internet for the past few months and we had covered it up too here. So, what we think is that the new navbar might be the new Nexus 2016 exclusive.
But why Google Assistant has kept from showing up on site and blog is a confusing thing and is not even mentioned at all.

We are coming up with a series of articles for our viewers regarding Nougat with much stuff to discuss, watch the space for more.

So, what happened to the new navigation bar buttons? We believe that this navigation bar is an EXCLUSIVE feature of HTC Nexus Sailfish & Marlin. We confirmed this to you here

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Rajat Kapoor
Rajat Kapoor is a self confessed tech geek. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, he is currently pursuing MCA and prefers Android over iOS. You will see his articles here and we do hope that you find them useful and informational.
No New NavBars and Google Assistant 'Mentioned' For Final Nougat No New NavBars and Google Assistant 'Mentioned' For Final Nougat Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 8/23/2016 12:02:00 AM
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