Google Allo messaging app now available

Google at its I/O event in May this year introduced its new messaging app called Allo to take on WhatsApp and Facebook's Messenger. Now the app is finally available for Android and iOS devices.

Allo can do all the normal things, you would in a messaging app including one-on-one or group chats, send photos, videos, messages and more, but the main highlight of Allo is that it comes with the integration of Google's AI powered Assistant.

With Google Assistant integration, you can interact with the app directly. For instance you can ask it to set alarm, questions, play you tube videos, give you traffic updates, or suggest nearby restaurants. You can ask question either by typing or tapping microphone button. You can also bring up Google Assistant while chatting simply by typing @google. The Assistant in Allo is still in preview stage and is available in English only.

Apart from Google Assistant, Allo also has Smart Reply feature, which automatically suggests replies basesd on questions your friends ask to reply on the go. For example if a message says, "Can we grab lunch tomorrow?" Allo will offer smart replies such as "Sure!" or "Sorry, I can't!" so that you can send your messages quickly. It will also suggests smart replies for photos as well.

Another interesting feature is 'Whisper Shout' which allows you to enlarge or shrink the text or emoji, simply by swiping the finger up or down across the send button before sending the message. Lastly, the app comes with 25 sticker packs and also lets you have 'Incognito mode' conversation, providing end-to-end encryption and discreet notifications.

Download Google Allo – Android | iOS

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Google Allo messaging app now available Google Allo messaging app now available Reviewed by Kaiser on 9/21/2016 04:45:00 PM
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