Google's Allo is a Weird Champion, Covered!

So, Evleaks was right about Allo coming today and it arrived with a huge Internet talk. Without wasting any time let's jump directly into the world of Allo.
Allo is the new member of Google Apps after Duo and both were announced on Google I/O 2016. Allo has been the most anticipated app of the year because of its new cool features that really excited audience when it was showcased in a demo at Google I/O. Today with the final release experiencing all those exciting new features was fun. Let's talk about them one by one.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant is the best thing about this app. It's a clear win win situation as it is one of its kind. Having the most advanced search engine directly into your app is a very! very big deal and that too with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Ask it about Movies Nearby or to Show some videos about any dish like in the above gif. It reply in an instant with so much ease, but yes sometimes it does provide wrong answers but those replies from the assistant are still relevant but yes not to the point. 

Here, the Google Assistant is still in Preview Edition so this maybe the reason for some of those unpolished results that it provides. Future updates should do the thing. Well you can use this assistant in conversation with your contact too. You just have to use @google text and put up your query ahead. Just simple as that. Here's and example below.

Here we asked the assistant for the Cast of the movie Pink and it showed the result very neat and quick. The processing is so advanced that we can interact with results too. Tapping on Taapsee Pannu result card, Assistant itself understood the query and showed particular result for Taapsee Pannu. Great there Google!

Not only this we can cover up many things with this bot like asking about Weather, Play Games like Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire etc. But apart from these stuff that you can easily find by typing 
@google What else can you do

We can witness the Intelligence of Assistant here with the example at the right, where we told this bot that the favorite team is Indian Cricket Team and it stored it for later use. Continuing the same conversation we queried about the Next Match of India without mentioning India in the message and assistant was able to understand the context and replied us with all the upcoming matches that will be played against India in the near future. Super Cool!

Well now enough of Assitant thing as it is a very vast topic if to go deep and cover every aspect of it, we might need a series of post that might come in next few days! Keep reading here.

Smart Replies

Smart Replies is a great thing to have in a chat. This is like some preloaded quick replies like Yes, No and stuff like that from Wow to Sad and Congrats to various stuff, Smart Replies has it all to save your time in conversation. Just tap on any desired choice of reply and you're good to go. Super easy and convinient thing. Not to mention the smart replies will always give you relatable options to send and that too in texts and emoji's both, Live action is happening in the above gif.
And for other example that we tested is - 

Here we asked the assistant about William Shakespeare and it replied the desired result. Under it we got some Smart Reply choices that are relatable to the result already shown. Cool! Just tap Books and you will be provided with list of book written by the great William Shakespeare.

Shout and Whisper

Shout and Whisper is again a new feature that allows users to show emotions in a excited and not so excited way, Just type your message and drag the send button up to shout out the message which will increase the size of the message, or drag down the send button to say it all silently and secretly which will decrease the size of the text you entered. Looks Neat! Another reason to love Allo

Doodle Up, Emoji's and Stickers
Allo has a hefty amount of emoji's and stickers that really helps you express your emotion or have fun chat with it. You can easily find these stuff in different categories and characters that will surely fun up the conversation and not to miss are the Live animated stickers, well yes this is not a big deal but it surely does sets Allo apart like from WhatsApp which still doesn't have stickers. Here in Allo users can also Doodle on the images they are sharing so it is another plus point for the app. WhatsApp has recently incorporated this feature. 

Incognito Chats

Incognito Chats is another great feature if you care about privacy enough this is for you for sure! Incognito chat has been introduced right with the release which takes care of your private chats that are self destructive with and Expiration Time Limit. Yes users can set the time till the chat will remain in the app and once that limit is reached the chat will be deleted automatically! Some serious private chats to do.Also the Private Notifications won't show the contents and contact details in notification so you really don't have to worry coz your conversation is safe in Allo's Incognito Mode.

User Interface and Conclusion




What sets Allo apart is its simple and clean design and not much hassle and hush hush interaction. Google has kept things simple and quick to use but still app seems to lack in some parts like notcustomizable options in Settings, Contacts are not properly organised as their is your full contact list that really confuses in finding the contacts that are using Allo, well finding contacts is very easy in Incognito Mode as this mode shows only those contacts that have Allo.

Another big thing that users are in need to know is the SMS Support.
The answer is YES! Allo supports SMS but its not the time to say goodbye to Hangouts or Messenger yet as the SMS sent through Allo goes from another number and not yours. The receiver still can reply on that number and you will get the message in Allo itself! Complicated, Right?
So yes Allo seems to be and incomplete ye champion app in its own genre and we do hope with further updates we should be witnessing greatly improved features as hardwork of Google team really shows up in this App! Overall Allo is a nice app to try especially if you're bored of those regular messaging apps, Allo won't dissapoint you.

Rajat Kapoor
Rajat Kapoor is a self confessed tech geek. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, he is currently pursuing MCA and prefers Android over iOS. You will see his articles here and we do hope that you find them useful and informational.
Google's Allo is a Weird Champion, Covered! Google's Allo is a Weird Champion, Covered! Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 9/22/2016 12:21:00 AM
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