[Trick/Tutorial] How to find Direct Links for Movie Downloads, Convert Video to 320kbps Audio!

Today, I am going to tell you about how you can get direct links to movies (with only english audio) without any hassle and with just a simple search text on Google.

What this trick goes with is that:

intitle:index.of? format MovieName

This text needs to be put on everytime as this is the key to find direct links. I will show you an example for this. Format needs to be replaced by mkv, avi, mp4 and whatever stuff you want. MovieName is self explanatory as it is your desired Movie Name. Let's take an example:
 intitle:index.of? mkv Harry Potter

Here, we searched for Harry Potter followed by the key text and it provides search results as shown in the image, there are various sites that contain index of movies. You then need to open first 3 sites and search for Harry Potter on that site by pressing CTRL+F or the find in page option which will then show final result like this:

Now click on any of the desired part of the series (for out example we chose Chambers of secrets, your's can be any movie) and boom the download will start. No hassle, No ADS just a key text and an index, this will save you a lot of time and provide you with direct link to download.

320Kbps Audio Conversion From Videos

There are times when you want some audio from videos, and many software and sites provide you with the facilities for the same. But what if you want High Quality Audio from any video from over 400 sites.

Vubey has got your back. Vubey (Click Here) is the conversion site for you that extracts audio from video and also allows downloading audio from SoundCloud for the highest quality that is 320kbps.

Vubey also supports SoundCloud! That will help you alot as there are very less apps or sites that extract out the audio from SoundCloud and that too in 320Kbps. You just need to copy the audio url from SoundCloud, paste it in the Video URL textbox as shown in the image above and click Convert To Mp3, thats it! You're done and will be provided with an audio in seconds.

Rajat Kapoor
Rajat Kapoor is a self confessed tech geek. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, he is currently pursuing MCA and prefers Android over iOS. You will see his articles here and we do hope that you find them useful and informational.
[Trick/Tutorial] How to find Direct Links for Movie Downloads, Convert Video to 320kbps Audio! [Trick/Tutorial] How to find Direct Links for Movie Downloads, Convert Video to 320kbps Audio! Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 9/06/2016 08:56:00 PM
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