All new Tesla vehicles will have self-driving technology

Elon Musk, Tesla founder announced that all Tesla vehicles being produced in its factory including Model 3 will have the required hardware needed for full self-driving capability as a "safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver."

The new Tesla vehicles being produced will be equipped with eight surround cameras that will provide 360 degree visibility around the car with up to a range of 250 meters. To recollect, cars produced before had only one camera. The eight cameras will work with 12 updated ultrasonic sensor that will detect both hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance of the prior system.

To help see through heavy rain, fog dust and car infront, all new Tesla cars will include a forward facing radar with enhanced processing to provide  additional data about the world on a redundant wavelength.

The new cars will also have a new on-board computer powered by NVIDIA Titan GPU that will pack 40 times more computing power than the previous gen and will run Tesla's neural net for vision, sonar, and radar processing software. With the upgrades drivers will be able to see every direction simultaneously and on wavelengths that go far beyond human senses.

The new features won't work right away on current models which does not feature additional cameras and sensors, instead Musk promised that Tesla will update the car's software with self-driving capabilities later, after using the data captured by the new cars to improve the system and safety.

Moreover basic self driving features available on older Tesla models including safety features like automatic emergency braking, collision warning, lane holding and active cruise control, will not be available on new cars with the new hardware included including the Tesla 3. As these features are robustly validated, Tesla will enable them over the air with new features.

The company said that its Model S and Model X electric cars are already being produced with the new hardware. 

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All new Tesla vehicles will have self-driving technology All new Tesla vehicles will have self-driving technology Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/20/2016 03:32:00 PM
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