ARM intro Mali-G51 GPU for low-power VR experiences

ARM at Computex 2016, introduced Mali G71 GPU designed for high-end flagship product (used in Kirin 960 SoC).  Now the chip maker has announced Mali G51 GPU, which is aimed at the mid-range smartphones.

Similar to Mali G71, Mali G51 uses the new Bifrost architecture and has native support for Vulkan, and is meant to enable premium features, 4K support AR support, and low-power VR support on mainstream devices. 

According to ARM the new GPU is more area-efficient and energy efficient top date. The GPU has a redesigned structuring unit with double the throughput, and the new dual-pixel shader core will double text and pixel rates, and now can be used asymmetrically with a uni-pixel shader core.

In terms of performance, the Mali G51 GPU promises up to 60 percent more performance per square millimeter and is up to 60 percent more energy-efficient than Mali-T830 GPU. It is also 30 percent smaller, to help reduce costs, while providing better performance.

ARM also introduced Mali V-61 VPU (Video Processing Unit) that brings VP9 and improved HEVC to next generation devices.

Mali-V61 supports real-time 4K video decoding/ encoding at up to 120 frames per second (4K120). According to ARM Mali-V61 VPU is aimed at real time live-streaming video applications like Facebook Live and Periscope. It offers 50 percent bit-rate saving over previous generation codecs, supports HEVC h.265 with HDR/10 but and scales from 1080p @ 60 fps on a single core all the way up to 4K @ 120fps on multiple cores, providing the highest definition streaming on any mobile device.

ARM says that the Mali-G51 GPU and Mali V61 VPU have already been licensed to multiple customers and will be seen in mobile devices in 2018. 


Kaiser Bey
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ARM intro Mali-G51 GPU for low-power VR experiences ARM intro Mali-G51 GPU for low-power VR experiences Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/31/2016 08:05:00 PM
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