Here's How To Watch The Google Event Live Today

Google's launch event where it will be announcing the Pixel devices will be starting off within a few hours in San Francisco.

Being ardent Android fans, we don't expect you to miss this either. In fact, Google does not expect you to miss this event as well. Hence just like all the other major Google events, this event too will be streamed live on YouTube. You can watch the event live here in the space above or watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Depending on your country of residence, the event will kick off at different times. The YouTube video page is running a countdown till the event goes live.

Starting time: San Francisco: 9AM / India: 9:30PM / New York: 12PM / London: 5PM / Berlin 6PM / Moscow: 7PM / Beijing: 12AM (October 5th) / Tokyo: 1AM (October 5th) / Sydney 3AM (October 5th).

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Krittin Kalra
Krittin Kalra is a 20 year old Android freak. Striving for passions, chasing down his dreams and living a life without regrets is his sole mantra. A bit moody, he also does custom ROM reviews for AndroGuider. Currently pursuing his B.Tech, he aspires to follow his heart.
Here's How To Watch The Google Event Live Today Here's How To Watch The Google Event Live Today Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 10/04/2016 06:53:00 PM
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