Intel unveils its own Falcon 8+ commercial drone

Intel has announced its first branded drone for commercial use called Falcon 8+, designed for industrial inspection, surveying and mapping. The drone comes with a fully electronic system that includes Intel Falcon 8+ UAV (drone), Intel Cockpit for ground control and Intel Powerpack battery (to power the UAV).

The Falcon 8+ is equipped with AscTec Trinity technology, which is a triple-redundant auto pilot woth three redundant inertial measurements that works together to stabilize the drone from external factors such as electromagnetic fields or strong winds. It can shoot detailed images and even provide structural analysis to detect and prevent damage to infrastructure.

Users can control the drone with the water-resistant Intel Cockpit, a controller with twin joysticks and a tablet. The tablet is powered by Intel chip, and can be used for planning and conducting complex flight patterns as well as monitoring the live video feed via a low latency digital link up to 1080p resolution with a 1 km range.

The drone is arrange in a V-form measuring 768 x 817 x 160 mm with a take off weight of 2.8 kg when loaded with a camera. It can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and can fly for up to 26 minutes at a time on a redundant power pack. The power pack comes equipped with storage mode, automatic balancing and a set of LED lights to indicate battery status.

No details on pricing and availability have been provided by Intel.


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Intel unveils its own Falcon 8+ commercial drone Intel unveils its own Falcon 8+ commercial drone Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/14/2016 05:43:00 PM
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