Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 unit catches fire on a US flight

Samsung is already in the process of replacing faulty Galaxy Note7, but their woes seems to continue. A replacement unit of the Galaxy Note7 has reportedly caught fire on a US flight. The replacement unit deemed to be safe started emitting smoke inside a Southwest Airlines flight to Baltimore from Louisville, Kentucky. All passengers and crews were evacuated and no injuries were reported.

Brian Green owner of the Galaxy Note7 told The Verge, that the unit was replaced by AT&T on September 21. The Note7 box had a black square symbol and the Note7 unit had a green battery icon which indicates it was a replacement unit. He further mentioned that he only used a wireless charger to charge the device and the Note7 battery was at 80 percent when the incident took place.

Green also told that he had powered down the Note7 after boarding, as requested by the flight crew, and put the phone in his pocket when it started emitting smoke. He dropped it on the floor of the plane and noticed a "thick grey-green angry smoke" coming out of it. The phone burned through the carpet and burned the surface of the sub-floor of the plane.

After the incident came to light, US's Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced it will open an investigation into the incident. Samsung also came forward and said "Until we are able to retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note7.

Just recently, India's Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) lifted ban on using Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in flights.


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Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 unit catches fire on a US flight Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 unit catches fire on a US flight Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/06/2016 04:31:00 PM
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