Samsung permanently discontinues Galaxy Note7

Back in August, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note7, it received lots of praise from critics. And then the nightmare started when some Galaxy Note7 units started to catch fire and explode. The company issued recall faulty Galaxy Note7 units and replaced it with new ones which were supposed to be safed. But even those units deemed safe also reportedly started catching fire.

Earlier today Samsung told all carriers and partners globally to stop selling the Galaxy Note7, and advised users to power them down and return them back. Now to put an end to the misery, Samsung has announced that it is ceasing all production of Galaxy Note7 and discontinuing the product altogether.

According to Bloomberg and WSJ, Samsung has filed a statement with South Korean regulators that it is permanently scrapping the Galaxy Note7. “Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7,” the company said.

According to analyst  by discontinuing the Galaxy Note7, could cost Samsung a massive $17 billion dollars in lost sales revenue. 

Samsung has already announced that Galaxy Note7 users can claim refund or exchange their units with a new smartphone available in the inventory from the store of purchase.

While it is unclear what caused the the battery fires, Samsung after investigating the issue had blamed one battery supplier for the problems and switched to an alternative supplier. Now Samsung is investigating the issue again and we expect the company to explain what exactly caused the problem.

What's next? Samsung is reportedly working on its S series flagship Galaxy S8 to put the Galaxy Note7 fiasco behind it. The company is expected to unveil its next big flagship in February next year, before MWC 2017 kicks off.

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