Samsung to reportedly kill Note brand forever

Samsung has permanently halted production and discontinued the Galaxy Note7. Now according to a report coming out of Russia, Samsung is planning to drop the Note branding from any future smartphone.

The report citing anonymous source inside Samsung's Russian operations, also claims that Samsung is concerned that the reputation of the Note series has been tarnished after multiple reports of Galaxy Note7 battery explosion incidents that damaged several units of Note7.

Furthermore, Samsung also conducted a survey across various markets including South Korea where, 50 percent of the participants showed negative attitude towards the Note branding.

However, Samsung will not get rid of Galaxy branding, as this would mean a full-scale re-branding of its entire smartphone portfolio.

Samsung introduced the Note series back in 2011, with the Galaxy Note, and it was the first smartphone to sport a 5-inch display (5.3-inch).


Kaiser Bey
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Samsung to reportedly kill Note brand forever Samsung to reportedly kill Note brand forever Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/13/2016 05:42:00 PM
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