Sony plans to release at least five mobile games in early 2018

Back in March 2016, Sony announced ForwardWorks, a studio aimed at bring full fledged gaming titles for smartphones based on PlayStation games and characters.

Now Wall Street Journal reports that Sony plans to release atleast five or six PlayStation-inspired games for Android and iOS devices under ForwardWorks by March 2018. 

The games will be initially released in Japan and other Asian markets. There is no word on other regions. 

Currently it is not known what types of games will be released first, or whether they will be ports of existing PlayStation titles or brand new titles, however the game titles are expected to be revealed before the end of this year.

This is not the first time Sony has tried launching PlayStation games for mobile device. The company released Xperia Play, a handheld game console smartphone with access to PS1 games library via an app called PlayStation Mobile. The app was also made available for few non-Sony devices, but failed to take off and was discontinued for Android in 2014, and was entirely shutdown in 2015.

The news comes a month after Sony's long-time rival Nintendo teamed up with Apple to bring Super Mario Run to iOS devices. The game will also make its way to Android. Earlier this year Nintendo also released Pokemon Go for mobile devices, which was a huge success worldwide.

It will be interesting to see if Sony will taste the same success.  


Kaiser Bey
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Sony plans to release at least five mobile games in early 2018 Sony plans to release at least five mobile games in early 2018 Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/15/2016 11:49:00 PM
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