Apple iPhone 8 could have wireless charging

The iPhone 7 is barely two months old, but information regarding iPhone 8 have been surfacing online revealing Apple's big plans. Earlier today it was reported (Source: Nikkei) that Apple is switching from LCD to OLED panels for the next generation iPhone.

In addition a seperate report from Nikkei noted that Foxconn is working on wireless charging modules intended for use in iPhone 8. The module will be integrated into the iPhone itself, but the inclusion of this feature will depend on whether Foxconn can achieve satisfactory yield rate.

The report also mentions that it's unclear if wireless charging will be available on all iPhone 8 models. But given that the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 will be the most premium model, the wireless charging feature could be restricted to the top-end model.

Back in January 2016, a report claimed that Apple is working on long range wireless charging technology for iOS devices. This technology will not use charging plates to charge the phone, instead the devices can be charged further away from the charging source. Currently Apple Watch is capable of getting charged when it is few millimeters away from the charging dock.

Smartphones from Samsung, Sony and Google supports wireless charging, but they need to be placed on charging plates.

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Apple iPhone 8 could have wireless charging Apple iPhone 8 could have wireless charging Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/02/2016 11:03:00 PM
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