Apple MacBook price increased in India by up to Rs. 10,000

Following the launch of new MacBook Pro, Apple has silently increased the MacBook price in India by as much as Rs. 10,000. Apple's India website has been updated to reflect the new prices, some of which make the MacBook bit more expensive to buy in the country.

Apple has raised prices of two MacBook models. According to the website, the base model of 12-inch MacBook now starts at Rs. 1,12,900 (MRP), an increase of Rs. 6,000, and the upgraded version with faster Core m5 processor/ 512GB storage costs Rs. 1,39,900 (MRP), up by Rs. 10,000. Prices of all other MacBooks stay untouched. Note that these are maximum retail prices and the laptops will be available at lower prices online as well as offline.

For a quick recap, the MacBook was updated back in April 2016 with Intel Skylake processor, faster RAM and PCIe-based flash storage. Apple also added a new Rose Gold color option to go with the Space Grey, Gold and Silver Colors.

Apple introduced new MackBook Pro models last week. The base 13-inch model will sell for Rs. 1,29,900 (without Touch Bar, 2 x USB Type-C port), while the 13-inch Pro model with Touch Bar prices start at Rs. 1,55,900 and goes up to Rs. 1,72,900). The 15-inch MacBook Pro prices start at Rs. 2,05,900 (MRP) and goes up to Rs. 2,41,900.

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Apple MacBook price increased in India by up to Rs. 10,000 Apple MacBook price increased in India by up to Rs. 10,000 Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/01/2016 10:51:00 PM
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