DJI unveils Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro drones for professional use

China based popular drone maker DJI has introduced two new drones ㅡInspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro ㅡ aimed at professional filmmakers and photographers to create high-quality and creative aerial content.

First up, the Inspire 2, has a new magnesium aluminum alloy body which increases stiffness while reducing weight. It delivers top speed of 67 mph and takes only four seconds to accelerate to 50 mph with a maximum ceiling of 16,404 feet above sea level and promises flight time of up to 27 minutes.

The inspire 2 is equipped with new image processing system called CineCore 2.0 that allows it to capture 5.2K video at 4.2Gbps for Adobe CinemaDNG RAW videos, Apple ProRes 422 HQ (5.2K, 4K) and ProRes 4444 XQ (4K), H.264, and H.265. It also packs stereo vision sensor on front and back to detect obstacle.

The drone currently supports two cameras ㅡ Zenmuse X4S and Zenmuse X5S. The Zenmuse X4S sports a 1-inch 20MP sensor with 11.6 stops of dynamic range and 24mm equivalent focal length, while the Zenmuse X5S has a Micro Four Thirds sensor with 10MP, 12.8 stops of dynamic range and 8 lenses from wide angles to zooms.

Next is the Phatom 4 Pro, which is an upgraded Phantom 4 drone, that was launched back in March with obstacle sensing system. The DJI 4 Pro gets an improved camera, advanced obstacle avoidance system, improved battery life and new flight modes. The obstacle avoidance system of Phantom 4 worked only when it was going forward, but Phantom 4 Pro can avoid obstacles while moving in any direction, thanks to the four sensor on each sides.

The Phantom 4 Pro packs an 1-inch 20MP sensor and almost 12 stops of dynamic range. It can capture slow-motion 4K video at up to 60fps at a maximum bitrate of 100mbps and offers H.265 video compression.

It flies at 31 mph in P mode with obstacle avoidance in effect, and has a 45 mph top speed in sport mode. Its battery promises 30 minutes of flight time. Other features include ActiveTrack to recognize subjects such as people and bikes, then follows them from any angle while maintaining camera focus and avoid obstacles. It also includes three new modes ㅡ New Circle, Profile and Spot light.

It comes with a compact remote control which comes with an optional high luminance display, to offer live HD view from main camera, as well as essential telemetry. It feature built-in GPS, compass, microSD card slot and an HDMI port.

The Inspire 2 starts at $2999 (Rs. 2,00,000). There's also Inspire 2 Combo which includes Inspire 2 aircraft, Zenmuse X5S, Cinema DNG and Apple ProRes Licensekey priced $6198 (Rs. 4,20,000). The Phantom 4 Pro on the other hand costs $1499 (Rs. 1,00,000), while the Phantom 4 Pro+ with high luminance display remote controller is priced at $1799 (Rs. 1,22,000). Both are up for pre-orders.

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DJI unveils Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro drones for professional use DJI unveils Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro drones for professional use Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/16/2016 07:10:00 PM
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