Gaana launches India’s first music streaming bot

Popular music streaming service Gaana has released its Facebook Messenger bot, to further enhance music-listening experience for its users. This is same as how Google integrated Google Assistant into messaging app Allo for two way conversation, but Gaana's bot will have limited functions.

To start Gaana bot in Messenger type '' in any of your friends chat box and ask for music you want to be played on Gaana app.

Currently Gaana Facebook Messenger bot offers the following features
  • Receive updates about the fresh content on
  • Search anything on
  • Share your favorite content with your Facebook friends
  • Send their feedback to Gaana
  • Go to the app/website directly from Facebook Messenger
Gaana team also plans to focus more on training the bot for smart conversations, personalized music recommendations and create playlists based on their conversations with friends.

With the announcement, Gaana's Facebook Messenger bot becomes the world’s first music streaming bot inside the Messenger app. 


Kaiser Bey
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Gaana launches India’s first music streaming bot Gaana launches India’s first music streaming bot Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/11/2016 11:05:00 PM
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