How to fix BlueStacks Graphic Card Error 25000

The need for Android emulators began when most of the Android apps stopped releasing for personal computers and you couldn't access your favorite apps like WhatsApp on your PC. And so as of that, the Android emulators started rolling out with frequent updates which supports every type of graphics advancing with the games that are released. 
Many people use Android emulators and are actually satisfied with them. And out of the many Android emulators, BlueStacks is considered to be on the top of the list with its unique UI and great features that it provides. 
However, things aren't always so good in BlueStacks because many people complain about Bluestacks 'Graphic Card Error 25000' while installing it. Usually, this error is displayed to users with low system configuration. But many people have claimed that they are facing this error despite fulfilling all the vital requirements. Therefore, many users are finding it difficult to install Bluestacks on their PC. If you are facing the same problem, then today's guide will walk you through this problem as we will tell you how to solve it but do make sure that you have at least 2 GB RAM and 1 GB graphics card. If not, then upgrade your hardware configuration first.

Now, the problem is that if you don’t update your windows regularly, the OpenGL does not get updated as often as Direct 3D. Also, since Bluestacks is in Beta phase, therefore, it does not recognize your graphic card. Normally, it appears if you have just switched from one windows to another which triggers the graphics error message. 

So let's tell you some of the solutions to fix this error in BlueStacks on your PCs and laptops.

Solution #1: Try old versions of BlueStacks

Some of the old versions of BlueStacks require low configuration and don't need to be updated and thus does not show the message of errors. So it would solve your problem but being honest, not completely, because you won't be able to install heavy applications via the old versions of BlueStacks. 

Solution #2: Use Windows 7
Buestacks was specially and originally designed for Windows 7. You need to try to switching to Windows 7 and then using Bluestacks. It may help you fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000.

Solution #3: Try updating DirectX
Sometimes your DirectX version may not be able to support the BlueStacks application that you're trying to install and so, just try to update it. Also, you can update the .NET framework of your system in order to bypass the error of BlueStacks.

Solution #4: Update your graphic card drivers

Like you keep your systems updated, you should keep the graphic card drivers updated too in order to make them support the latest games and applications which demand high configurations. Updating would also help you fix this error.
You can even update them manually. Follow this guide:
  • On your desktop, right click on the 'My Computer' icon.
  • Click on Properties and choose Device Manager option. 
  • Double click on the display adapters in the menu. 
  • Then right click on the graphics card option and click on Update Driver and wait for some time till it updates over an internet connection. 

You can try these steps in other to bypass the errors you are getting. However, if you still can't access your BlueStacks, just post in your question in the comment box and we'll answer you for sure. 

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How to fix BlueStacks Graphic Card Error 25000 How to fix BlueStacks Graphic Card Error 25000 Reviewed by Taha Maknoo on 11/27/2016 03:28:00 AM
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