Video streaming coming soon to WhatsApp

After rolling out video calling feature to its users across the world, WhatsApp is now testing a new video-streaming feature in India. The feature is available for beta users of WhatsApp on Android (v 2.16.367), and will let you stream videos while it is downloading in the background.

Prior to the update, users could watch the video only after it was fully downloaded, but now users will be able to view a video while it is being downloaded (or stream without downloading), same as watching videos online on YouTube.

The new thumbnail interface now shows play button instead of download button, while the download button has been shifted to the bottom left corner. One of the biggest advatage of this feature is that users can save time and mobile data on downloading videos, as well as storage, by first viewing it, and then decide whether you actually want to download it or not.

We can expect the public roll out of this feature in the coming days. However if you want to enjoy the video-streaming feature right now, you can sign up for WhatsApp beta testing on Play Store.

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Video streaming coming soon to WhatsApp Video streaming coming soon to WhatsApp Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/26/2016 05:27:00 PM
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