WhatsApp video calling now available for everyone

WhatsApp was already testing video calling feature for Android and Windows Phone devices as beta. Now the Facebook-owned popular instant messaging service has announced the official roll out of video calling feature to all devices.

The new video calling feature will be available in 180 countries for all one billion WhatsApp users on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platform starting today. 

In order to make a video call, you'll have to tap on the call button, that will now give two options: one for voice calling and the other for video call. The video calling is supported by both front and rear camera, which means you can switch between seeing yourself or the other person in the preview screen. Video calling also features end-to-end encryption, just like messages and voice calls.

WhatsApp says that the video calling functionality has been optimised to work well in regions like India, where users often struggle with poor Internet connectivity. It also said that India now has over 160 million monthly active WhatsApp users, making the country its biggest market

Kaiser Bey
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WhatsApp video calling now available for everyone WhatsApp video calling now available for everyone Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/15/2016 02:53:00 PM
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