Amazon Go is a grab-and-go grocery store

In a bid to make shopping more easier, Amazon US has launched a new service called Amazon Go, a grocery store that eliminates checkout process.

The first Amazon Go store is opened in Seattle and the shopping experience is pretty simple. Customers have to go inside the store, scan their smartphone at entrance, shop for any item they want and leave without waiting in a check out line.

This is possible thanks to the use of  advanced technologies like computer vision, sensor fusion, advanced cameras and deep learning algorithms. This tech is similar to what's used in self-driving card to allow navigate the world.

These technologies helps the store to automatically know what customers have picked up from the shelf and once they have left the  store, the items checked out will be billed to their Amazon account.

To use Amazon Go, users should have an Amazon account and Amazon Go app pre-installed in the smartphone. The 1,800-square-foot Amazon Go store will open to the public in early 2017.

Kaiser Bey
Kaiser is a tech enthusiast who likes to write, read and talk about tech. He dreams of going to Mars and never come back. We hope that you find his posts on AndroGuider helpful and informative
Amazon Go is a grab-and-go grocery store Amazon Go is a grab-and-go grocery store Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/07/2016 02:36:00 PM
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