Amazon India's "Sell as Indiviual" service lets you sell used stuffs

Amazon India has launched a new service called "Sell as Individual" which allows you to sell used products on its website in your city. Amazon will also take care of the pick-up, packing and delivery of products you're selling. The service is currently available in Bengaluru only and is expected to expand to other cities soon.

To sell a product, go to Sell as Individual page, and add information of the product such as photo, category of the item and pick up details. You can sell used products from various categories like electronics, laptops phones, fashion jewellery, women’s apparel, books, watches, mobile accessories, computer accessories and peripherals.

Once done your product will be on sale in Amazon. When the product is sold, Amazon will get in touch with you via email to schedule an appointment for the pickup. It will then come, pick up the product, pack it and deliver it to the buyer. In case, the buyer wants to return the product, Amazon will ship it back to you at no charge. The money from the transaction will be transferred to your bank account.

For the service, Amazon will take a small fee of  Rs. 10 per item if it is under Rs 1000, Rs. 50 for an item valuing between Rs. 1000 and Rs 5000 and Rs. 100 for the item above Rs. 5000. Moreover, to promote the new service, Amazon is offering Rs. 1,000 as Amazon Pay balance, if you sell five books, video games, movies or music, or if you sell one mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

With Sell as Individual service, Amazon India is targeting popular website like eBay, OLX, Quickr, who also offer similar service. 


Kaiser Bey
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Amazon India's "Sell as Indiviual" service lets you sell used stuffs Amazon India's "Sell as Indiviual" service lets you sell used stuffs Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/30/2016 11:50:00 PM
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