Fake Mock Location Spoofer Allows You To Fake Your GPS Location In Pokémon GO

Probably there's nobody among us who doesn't know about Pokémon GO and for your information, Pokémon GO has been one of the most searched terms over Google in this year. Amazing, isn't it? 

Pokémon GO has been really been an amazing game so far which gained fame globally just within some days with millions of downloads from the app stores of Android and iPhone.

The users, no doubt, loved the game but the thing that bothers everybody is traveling from place to place so that you can catch Pokémons. However, why not to try a method that will prevent you walking from place to place and catching Pokémons?

So today we'll tell you what to do in order to stay at one place and catch Pokémons. Even though we have had talked about this before in our roundup of the Xposed Pokémon module, but that module has reportedly been susceptible to bugs since a long time now, that's we thought of updating you guys with the module that works now. So, just sit back with your phones and catch the characters without having to move an inch.
So let's begin.

Firstly, we've Fake GPS & Joystick for your phones. 
With Fake GPS & Joystick for Pokemon GO, you can set your phone location to any part of the world. 

Fake GPS works on apps like Pokemon Go  and moreover, joystick works even on non-root devices. You can also play on Bluestack or Android Emulators without any issue. 

  • You can find or enter an address of the location to set your location. 
  • You can also evade from fake location detection from apps like Pokémon Go.
  • You get an overlay Joystick that hovers over other apps and could be used to navigate in any direction.

  • You can use it as static notification to toggle joystick on/off on the go.

1. Rooted Android devices
2. Xposed Framework installed

1. Open app > Xposed Module > Install Fake Mock Location Spoofer. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE.

2. Enable Fake Mock Location Spoofer module in Xposed Module > Reboot.

3. Open app > Click Xposed Module.
Open Fake Mock Location Spoofer > Uncheck All Apps > Add App > Add Pokemon Go > Force kill Pokemon Go but only once.

4. Turn on "Allow Mock Locations" on Development Settings of the device that you're using.

5. Open app > Start > Turn on GPS and set the Location Mode to GPS only > Click a place on the map > Click Fix it. 

6. Click Open Joystick > Drag the joystick to see if it is working.

7. Go to Pokemon Go and enjoy the Fake GPS Joystick.

That's it. Now you can easily enjoy playing Pokémon GO without having to leave your homes or worrying about anything over the streets while catching Pokémons.

Taha Maknoo
Taha Maknoo is a passionate student and blogger. He usually spends most of his time over content writing and getting more information about the new tech launched to keep everybody updated (including himself!). He's a self confessed leaner and a tech enthusiast. He has the enthusiasm and the will to make everybody aware of the latest innovations in the world and new softwares released each day
Fake Mock Location Spoofer Allows You To Fake Your GPS Location In Pokémon GO Fake Mock Location Spoofer Allows You To Fake Your GPS Location In Pokémon GO Reviewed by Taha Maknoo on 12/22/2016 02:58:00 AM
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