Google's new "Android Things" is a OS for smart devices

After Internet, smartphone and smartwatch, Google now wants to make its presence felt in IoT platform with Android Things. It is basically an IoT platform that lets developers build smart devices using Android APIs and Google's cloud based services, while staying highly secure with updates direct from Google.

For this, Google is combining its previous Android based IoT operating system called Brillo, with tools like Android Studio, Android SDK, Google Play services and Google Cloud Platform. 

Android Things is now available as Developer Preview for testing and you can use the platform to build smart devices using support hardware development kits like Intel Edison, NXP Pico and Raspberry Pi 3. Moreover,  Google has promised to push Developer Preview updates that will offer infrastructure, so that developers can safely schedule regular OS patches, security fixes, and their own updates.

Google will also add support for Weave, its IoT communication platform,  to make it easier for all types of devices to connect to the cloud and interact with services like the Google Assistant. Device makers like Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings already use Weave, and several others like Belkin WeMo, LiFX, Honeywell, Wink, TP-Link and First Alert will also implement it.

Google is also working towards merging Weave and Nest to enable all the connected devices from aforementioned brands to work with each other in a secure and reliable way.

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Google's new "Android Things" is a OS for smart devices Google's new "Android Things" is a OS for smart devices Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/14/2016 08:08:00 PM
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