Microsoft's answer to Amazon Echo, Google Home is Home Hub software

Earlier reports have suggested that Microsoft is working on smart home hub project to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home. Now according to a new report Microsoft's take on Home Hub, is not a physical product, but a software aimed at families, complete with a new Cortana assistant that will run on Windows 10 PCs.

Windows Central says that software can do everything that Amazon Echo and Google Home devices can do with the added benefit of a screen to make things more approachable. The Home Hub software will be designed to run on any PCs running Windows 10 including All-In-One and 2-in-1s with touch screens.

Welcome Screen concept
Microsoft will integrate key features like sharing functionality, new user interfaces, always-listening Cortana (codenamed FamTana) and apps into Home Hub to take advantage of new API's  that will make it more competitive to other smart assistants in the market. Microsoft is also developing a dedicated "Connected Home" app to control or configure smart home devices.

HomeHub will offer the following functions:
  • unlock the PC without password and access to individual accounts or data.
  • act like virtual fridge with a feature called "Welcome Screen" where users can see calendar, sticky notes, to-do list and more
  • reminder, appointments, weather, news, jokes, play music, open apps and more, just like Cortana
  • Control smart-home devices like lights, doors, locks to name a few
  • Wake up PC by giving voice commands to Cortana
With Home Hub, Microsoft's aim is to make Windows 10 the central hub of entire smart home. It is planned to be included in Windows 10 Redstone 2 update, with bulk of features scheduled for Redstone 3 (late-2017) and Redstone 4 (in 2018).  Moreover, Microsoft is also encouraging OEMs such as Lenovo and HP to manufacture touch-enabled All-in-One PCs with Home Hub to the market in late 2017. 


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Microsoft's answer to Amazon Echo, Google Home is Home Hub software Microsoft's answer to Amazon Echo, Google Home is Home Hub software Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/04/2016 08:30:00 PM
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