ROMs For The Google Pixel/Pixel XL Have Started Coming Up

Google had launched the pair of Pixel devices in an event on October 4. Codenamed 'Sailfish' (Google Pixel) and 'Marlin' (Google Pixel XL), both the devices had originally been launched with Nougat 7.1.

After beta testing of Nougat 7.1.1 in the form of Preview Builds, Google had started rolling out the stable version of Android 7.1.1 to the eligible batch of Nexus, Pixel & Android One devices earlier this month. The AOSP code for the same was released alongside the OTA & factory images

After the release of the AOSP code and sources of the Google Pixel/Pixel XL, many ROM developers have now started adapting the ROM sources to work with Sailfish & Marlin. The above screenshot shows the Google Pixel aka Sailfish running a test build of Dirty Unicorns 11. This is first of the many ROMs that we expect the Pixel devices to get.

At the moment neither the official nor unofficial builds of CyanogenMod 14.1 are available for Google's pair of flagship devices. However, the devices can be rooted and their bootloader can be unlocked as well. Alpha builds of TWRP are currently available as well, but they do consist of some bugs which still remain to be looked after. Along with that, popular kernels such as ElementalX and franco.Kernel have made their way to both the variants of the Pixel smartphones. As we had even written earlier, unlike the Nexus phones, the Pixel devices are not targeted for developers and Android enthusiasts, but instead they are aimed at the premium smartphone segment. Google intends to take on Apple's iPhone directly through the means of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. However, the Android community is not short of enthusiasts who love to modify their device as per their liking and till the time that's the case, the development for the Pixel and Pixel XL will continue. We ain't short of flashaholics (I'm in there too!), so expect even more ROMs for Sailfish & Marlin soon!

Krittin Kalra
Krittin Kalra is a 20 year old Android freak. Striving for passions, chasing down his dreams and living a life without regrets is his sole mantra. A bit moody, he also does custom ROM reviews for AndroGuider. Currently pursuing his B.Tech, he aspires to follow his heart.
ROMs For The Google Pixel/Pixel XL Have Started Coming Up ROMs For The Google Pixel/Pixel XL Have Started Coming Up Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 12/14/2016 02:44:00 PM
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