Samsung A5 (2017) Passes NCC Certification, Specifications Leaked

Great news is ahead of this new year for the Samsung fans that one of the most awaited phones are finally letting us take a sneak peak into them.

Actually, Samsung A-series phones which feature the most awaited Samsung Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A5 of the year 2017 are expected in January next year and will be listed in Taiwan. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 is expected to debut in mid-January on sale overall. Firstly as we said, let's take a look into what the device has to offer. It recently received NCC certification in Taiwan revealing SM-A520F model number and connectivity options.

Talking about the screen, the SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 is coming with a brilliant 5.2-inch Full HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels). And like we mentioned, it's full HD.

Coming to the processor, the device comes with a built-in 1.9GHz octa-core processor which is something that you really haven't experienced before.

Now talking about the RAM and ROM of this device, the RAM is featured as 3GB RAM with a 32GB ROM. Thankfully, the memory can be expanded using a SD card too.

As far as the camera pixels are concerned, Samsung A5 is rumored to sport a 16MP lens on both the rear and front faces.

The connectivity of this phone is pretty much obvious as it comes with a 4G 3G dual card dual standby. The device will also support 4G LTE out of the box along with support for WCDMA.

Other features include fingerprint identification, NFC and variety of other functions. 


For this device you'll have black, gold, blue, pink, four color styles to choose from. 

Release Date
According to Roland Quandt, Samsung may unveil the Galaxy A line up at CES 2017.

We're not a hundred percent percent sure that the leaks will match the full features after the device is officially released, but yes, we guarantee you that at the end of the day, you'll find a large amount of information relevant.

Source: Sogi

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