Wileyfox Will Be Updating It's Entire Lineup Of Devices To A Close Variant Of Stock Nougat

Cyanogen had brought CyanogenOS to a sudden end a few months back. In fact, last week they had called off CyanogenMod and their entire lineup of services. Since all of Wileyfox's phones are running on CyanogenOS, many Wileyfox fans were curious as to how the company will be handling the software updates for their current phones. Just a few days back, a Wileyfox support staff member had said that Wileyfox will be unveiling it's update strategy soon. Keeping their promise, Wileyfox took to their Facebook page to convey about the chain of events it will be taking to update their entire array of phones to Nougat. Here is what they wrote:
In light of the recent news from Cyanogen, every Wileyfox user's experience will remain unchanged - hooray! 
This was expected and we are confident with the smooth transition planned in an upcoming over-the-air update for the entire Wileyfox product range that will migrate away from Cyanogen’s refocus strategy, and on to a purer Android experience – enhanced. 
We strongly recommend that all current and future users accept the upcoming update request to ensure they are on-board for the future. This will include the ability to maintain the same experience as before and the added ability to partake in updates and upgrades to the software in the future. 
We will continue to push this update to your device, and for new users we again recommend they download and install this update upon purchase. 
We have been ruthlessly testing this and planning a distribution for this update, with a rollout to be released beginning today with immediate effect. Once this transition is implemented and users accept this upcoming update, our first order of business is to focus on delivering Android Nougat 7.0 across the portfolio beginning as early as February, and the entire portfolio by end of Q1 2017. 
We value our customers above anything else, and therefore will now take full direct control on all such upgrades to ensure all devices, not just the flagship’s, will get these regular updates.

What this means is we at Wileyfox are still committed to continuous security and Android updates for the entire user base (old, current, and new), a bloatware free OS, deeply integrated value added services, and a promise to maintain a no bullshit attitude to the Wileyfox user experience.We hope you had an amazing Wileyfoxmas. We look forward to 2017 and beyond, in a Wileyfox world of no bullshit! 
Instructions to download and install your latest update:
1. Receive notification about available update (see image attached).
2. Press download to update.
3. A notification will pop up stating update is ready to install. Select install.

The above statement shows that Wileyfox is willing to take control of the things and it is not a company which is going to bend it's way as per the ongoing circumstances. Wileyfox has undoubtedly become mature and it's responsibility towards it's users is only going to see the company grow.

The statement also suggests that Wileyfox will now be redirecting it's software roots to stock Android. Wileyfox's initial software partner Cyanogen had an aim of putting "a bulette through Google's head." Be it irony, Wileyfox is now making it's way from a highly customized Android variant to the AOSP version a.k.a. stock Android.

Do make sure that you install the update being rolled out, because only then your Wileyfox device will be eligible to receive the future series of updates from Wileyfox.

Source: Wileyfox Facebook page

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Wileyfox Will Be Updating It's Entire Lineup Of Devices To A Close Variant Of Stock Nougat Wileyfox Will Be Updating It's Entire Lineup Of Devices To A Close Variant Of Stock Nougat Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 12/30/2016 10:49:00 PM
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