Exploring The Features Of The BHIM App

India is advancing and progressing rapidly but there are still lot of things to do and achieve. Some of the issues that still remain to be tackled include black money and corruption. In order to combat these problems of the society, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled the BHIM app. Inspired by BHIM's character of strength and power in the Indian religious scripture of Mahabharata, Modi believes that the BHIM app possesses similar powers to uproot black money and corruption from the Indian society.

BHIM indicates Bharat Interface for Money. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is a UPI dependent transaction solution for the Indians after demonization and the BHIM app helps users to transfer or even get payment through digital means.

The BHIM app certainly changes the way we make and do transactions. Certain ways in which BHIM has simplified the user experience of making transactions include sending and receiving money with just one tap. You don’t have to insert long information such as your bank account number and stuff like that to complete your transactions each time. All such details need to be entered only once when you are setting up your bank account with the BHIM app. 

Moreover it will also let you do other things like to exchange information with other UPI apps and bank accounts. This app is available for Indians only. The main purpose of creating this app is to minimise the use of cash in the Indian society, which in turn will help in minimising the hoardings of paper money and thus minimise the presence of black money in the society. This app is named after Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, who had sacrificed his whole life for Dalits and the poor and is still remembered for his credible works. 

We have noticed that some people have been facing problems in getting started with using BHIM. Some people have been struggling with the part of setting up the UPI address. Follow these steps to setup your UPI address:

  1. Register your bank account with the BHIM app.
  2. Setup a UPI PIN for your bank account.
  3. Now your mobile number will be your payment address. (You can change it anytime later on).
  4. You can start doing transactions via BHIM App now.


  • As per the PM of India's statement, in next few years all the transactions will be done via BHIM app in India.
  • All payments can be done easily via one click.
  • BHIM app is created especially for poor people, especially for Dalits, farmers etc.
  • BHIM app will allow people to send & request money or scan and pay using QR Code also.
  • This app will have very strong security features so that all of your money will be safe.
  • The PM of India, Narendra Modi requested Indians to do atleast 5 transactions via this app daily.
  • To send money, all you need is UPI address of the person to whom the money has to be sent This app is quite similar to other cashless apps like PayTM.
  • In BHIM App, it’s very easy to switch between multiple bank accounts as well.
  • It is based on Immediate Payment Service (IMPS).
  • It will work 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. This means that you can transact your money anytime, anywhere.
  • Currently maximum transfer of Rs. 10,000 per transaction is allowed.

Requirements for Installing BHIM App:

  1. Android 2.3.3 & Above.
  2. 5 MB of space.

You can download the BHIM app directly from Play store by following this link

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Exploring The Features Of The BHIM App Exploring The Features Of The BHIM App Reviewed by Taha Maknoo on 1/05/2017 01:48:00 AM
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