Nougat Kernel Source Code Is Now Available For Moto G4/G4 Plus & OnePlus 3/3T

A few days back developers such as Francisco Franco had raised concerns over OnePlus not complying with the GPL and not releasing the kernel source code of the Nougat update it had rolled out for the OnePlus 3 & 3T on New Year's eve.

After drawing criticism from a lot of community members, OnePlus has finally released the sources of the kernel included in the Nougat update. The kernel source code can be found here. The kernel source code helps Android developers in adding more features to a phone's software through the means of custom ROMs and custom kernels.

Motorola had started rolling out the Nougat update for the G4 and G4 Plus back in December. There is still some confusion over the update's delay. Many G4 and G4 Plus users have reported that they still haven't received the update. On the other hand one of our team members got the update last month itself. It thus appears that Motorola might have halted the update rollout sometime back. Moreover, Motorola had more recently released another update which appears to have fixed some of the critical bugs in the previous update like the low call volume and sluggish performance experience. Motorola now appears to be going ahead with a broader rollout of this new update since one of my friends who had not received the December OTA update, received this new update just a few days back. Moreover, Motorola has also released the source code of the kernel in the latest update. This can be clearly made out from the build number of the update and the build number of the released kernel source code.

I guess all the points I ranted above in regard to the G4/G4 Plus Nougat update might be true after all. The kernel source code can be found on Motorola's Github.

Krittin Kalra
Krittin Kalra is a 20 year old Android freak. Striving for passions, chasing down his dreams and living a life without regrets is his sole mantra. A bit moody, he also does custom ROM reviews for AndroGuider. Currently pursuing his B.Tech, he aspires to follow his heart.
Nougat Kernel Source Code Is Now Available For Moto G4/G4 Plus & OnePlus 3/3T Nougat Kernel Source Code Is Now Available For Moto G4/G4 Plus & OnePlus 3/3T Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 1/21/2017 11:28:00 AM
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