Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung set itself a huge shipments target for the Galaxy S8

After the devastating failure of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has become more conscious towards its service and with Samsung having been forced to discontinue the Note 7, all of us have eagerly been waiting on how Samsung's next flagship offering of the Galaxy S8 will turn out to be.

As per the speculations doing the rounds, the S8 definitely seems like a fierce competitor both in terms of software and hardware. We are quite sure that S8 will have Qualcomm's latest and greatest Snapdragon 835. If the rumours are to be believed, then Samsung will be launching it's own virtual assistant with the S8, just like Siri in the iPhone and Google Assistant in the Pixel.

And now apparently, Samsung itself has great expectations from the upcoming Galaxy S8. According to a report, Samsung wants to ship 60 million units of its flagship device in 2017, which is definitely a big step up from the previous Galaxy S generation smartphones.

And do you know what it means? Increasing shipment by 25 percent to 60 million units means that the upcoming flagship will have to bring quite a few new and interesting features to the table that will keep the users aligned with this device and something to look forward to. Keeping the rumoured specifications aside, Samsung will have to introduce some 'never seen before' features if it plans to polish it's tarnished reputation after the Note 7 debacle. Samsung will start manufacturing the device in March and begin shipping it to retailers in mid-April.

We do hope that Samsung just makes things better this time, both for its reputation as well as its sales. The high-end smartphone market is getting more and more competitive, as we have seen a lot of great devices that offer a better price-performance ratio than Samsung’s Galaxy S series. So believe it or not, this time the competition is going to get more tougher, especially with OnePlus 3T and the Google Pixel XL being crowned as the best phones of the year 2016. 

Taha Maknoo
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Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung set itself a huge shipments target for the Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung set itself a huge shipments target for the Galaxy S8 Reviewed by Taha Maknoo on 1/11/2017 12:25:00 AM
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